How to Stay Safe Shopping Online


Shopping is not just for women pastime activity or its pampering moments. Men also enjoy shopping but of course in a different way such as bike, skate, shoes or even car hunting. Either way, it is a fact that shopping is enjoyable if you only have the money.

With the help of technology, you don’t need to go visit the store just to buy your favorite pair of sandals or shoes. All you need to do is have laptop or any gadget that can connect to the internet and then browse the web. There are already thousands of stores that are found in the malls that have opened their online stores at this site, too. Instead of branching out to other places, these businesses decided to open their stores online. This is one good strategy if you want to target a large market.

But the question is, are you safe? “You” here means both the seller and the buyer. Let’s start with the buyer side. Is a buyer safe when doing online shopping transactions? Remember that you will need to pay online using either your debit or credit cards. If you choose any of the two, you will have to input your personal details along with your card details. This means that you have just allowed the Internet to go through your details. Although there are safety features in the Internet to protect your details, you might have purchased in the wrong store. In other words, you might have been transacting with a bogus online shopping site and by entering your details, you allowed them to hack you.

In order to avoid these incidents, you need to be wiser in choosing the online shop to explore. This is not always easy, but it is possible. Recently, for example, my son wanted a digital recorder for Christmas – and I didn’t even have a clue what such a thing looked like. (Turns out digital recorders are handheld devices that enable you to record sound – especially musical instruments  at a much better quality than your smartphon). So the only thing I knew was my son wanted a recording device, but I didn’t know where to get one. Fortunately, I found a helpful article on this website which told me exactly what kind of digital recorder to look for and where to buy it.

But enough of myself and back to the tips about safely shopping online: Always be vigilant when doing any online shopping with your card. Another way to keep your privacy intact and card details safe is by paying the online shop in cash. There are already online shops that offer payment upon delivery of the item so you may want to choose that option since it is safer. Watch this video to know more about online shopping.

How about on the side of the seller? Not only that there are bogus online shopping sites, there are also bogus buyers. They might just want to explore your website and eventually hack it. Or you might just be wasting your time entertaining these bogus buyers and at the end, they will not buy anything from you.


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